Kellen Bryant: Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney - Jacksonville, FL

Kellen Bryant: Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney – Jacksonville, FL

We help families create a legal plan to protect assets from long-term care and family problems relating to the death or incapacity of a loved one.

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Advice, Counseling, and Planning Relating to:

[button link=”” size=”medium” align=”left”]Protect a family member asset’s from long term care costs[/button] [button link=”” size=”medium” align=”left”]Protect my assets from long term care costs[/button] [button link=”” size=”medium” align=”left”]Avoid unintentional disinheritance of my family[/button] [button link=”” size=”medium” align=”left”]Protect my young children if something happens to me[/button]

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Give Yourself Knowledge of Asset Protection and Estate Law, So Together, We can Custom Design a Plan to Protect Your Money and Provide for You and Your Family 

Dear Friend:

If you have heard about me from someone else, I’m glad you came to this website to meet me. If you stumbled upon me by chance, maybe this could be serendipity. You should keep reading! For those who know me already… good to see you again!

[colored_box variation=”silver”]My First Job When Working with You is to Learn about Your Life and Family… So I’ll get Personal First… Here’s a Little Bit of Information about My Life and Family[/colored_box]

My name is Kellen Bryant. The “R.” before my name is for my first name, Robert, which is both my grandfathers’ first name and one uncle’s name. For some reason, my parents decided to call me by my middle name, Kellen. It’s an Irish-sounding name (sadly, the Irish locals never heard of it when I traveled there), and I was really named after a football player. R. Kellen Bryant sounds like a fairly strong attorney name, doesn’t it? That’s what I went with.

I grew up in Jacksonville (since 8th grade). I live here with my wife, Megan. She’s a 4th-grade teacher. We let a little tricolor beagle named Leroy live with us too. (No kids… yet). I’ve been blessed to have them in my life. I attend Mandarin Presbyterian Church. I play soccer and spend time with my family when I’m not practicing law.

In person, you may notice that I have a bit of energy because I do and pursue what I love. I’ve been like this since high school. I graduated college cum laude in 3 years at FSU (no jokes gator fans). I then attended Stetson Law School and graduated cum laude at Stetson as well — in the top 20% of my class. I also worked for appellate and federal judges, and a large law firm while at Stetson. I spent two years working at a small litigation firm after law school and learned that I’m not passionate about arguing in court and suing general contractors. I love meeting with clients and their families and researching the law.

I enjoy teaching.  You’re welcome to attend my bi-weekly estate planning and elder care workshops (click to learn more).

I love writing.  I wrote a book, which you can find on Amazon, How to Hire the Right Estate Planning Attorney at a Fair Price.

[colored_box variation=”silver”]Law Office of R. Kellen Bryant was Started to Change How Legal Services are Provided: to Educate, Counsel, and Implement Your Custom Asset Protection Plan Without Unpredictable Fees or Surprises[/colored_box]


Since starting in 2009, my goal is to educate families about the legal issues affecting them.

All cases are different, so don’t be led astray. I help families with asset protection strategies that have worked for others and have worked for my clients. Nothing about what I do is “cookie cutter,” the final work product for my clients is not done through simple fill in the blank forms that you find in the supply goods shop or online. Nope.

The goal is customization because all families are different. Without customization, you have those horrible estate stories you hear about.

[colored_box variation=”silver”]You will find that I have written many educational guides. I encourage you to download the guide that fits your needs.[/colored_box][icon_teaser type=”InfoAbout” style=”black” title=”Click the one that Best Describes What You Want to Accomplish”][/icon_teaser][fancy_list style=”circle_arrow” variation=”steelblue”][margin10]


You won’t find the information in these guides elsewhere. Inside, you will find little discussed strategies found in Florida law. These guides are intended to educate you so that you create a custom asset protection plan. The more you are educated about the law, the better you can customize your plan to fit you and your family’s needs.

[colored_box variation=”silver”]If You Worked with Attorneys before… You will Appreciate My 24 hour Communication Return Policy, Flat Fees and Timely Delivery of Legal Services[/colored_box]

I have been annoyed by poor customer service. I’ve hired small businesses and large. I’ve worked for small businesses and large. After having waited tables and been financially dependent on the service I provide, that experience has translated to my law practice. Emails and calls are returned within 24 business hours. Flat fees are customary with 90% of my families. When hired, we set all needed future appointments with me as far ahead of time so that your needs are met orderly.

Go ahead and download one of my four educational guides. If you are ready to call, you can reach me at (904) 470-2300.

I hope to meet you soon!

With kind regards and counsel,

Kellen Bryant


Law Office of R. Kellen Bryant

Law Office of R. Kellen Bryant is a Jacksonville, Florida law firm that works with families seeking to protect and preserve their assets from long term care costs, financial predators, and estate taxes. The firm is driven to educate you about your estate planning options when designing a plan specifically tailored to your needs, wishes, and desires. Law Office of R. Kellen Bryant, P.L. is able to assist residents of Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding areas in the areas of Estate Planning, Asset Protection, and Long Term Care / Medicaid Planning. [divider_top]