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Who can Benefit from Our Services (Generally)

Our clients are nice, easy going people. We work best with families that want to be educated about the process.

Most families have assets. Specifically, we have worked with families with as little as $15,000 (protecting that money from current nursing home payments) and as high as $5 million in total assets.

We will travel outside Northeast Florida when working with certain referral relationships; however, 80% of our clients live in Northeast Florida (Duval, Nassau, Clay, Baker and St. Johns counties) and can meet at our office or the clients are willing to pay our travel fees.

We will work with involved family members that live out of state, and their loved one lives near our area.

Who can Benefit from Our Estate Planning Services

We can help a variety of families with advice and planning related to wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney, advance directives, and probate avoidance.

We help younger families with children under 18. We assist with defining who can be guardians of your children should something tragic happen to the parents. If you have life insurance, we will plan for getting that life insurance to your children without costly court interference. We will also talk about a checks and balance system to make sure your young children are well cared for.

We help families with assets and retirement savings to avoid legal and financial pitfalls that could wipe out these savings. You will typically have between $150,000 to $5 million in net worth. Families with disabled adult children, children with addiction issues, and spendthrift adult children (and their spouses) will benefit from our services especially.

Last, we help seniors protect assets from nursing home spenddown. Also, we help plan for disability and family assistance with financial management and medical decision assistance. These services are especially helpful for families with a history of dementia, Parkinson’s, or other illness that result in a long term care need.

Who can Benefit from Our Elder Law Services
  • Families that are currently paying for senior care or living in a senior community will benefit from our services.
  • Families with a loved one diagnosed with dementia.
  • Families that are looking for senior care providers will benefit from our services.
  • Spouses completely run down from caring for their spouse will greatly benefit from our services.
  • Adult children completely stressed out about their elderly parent’s behavior will greatly benefit from our services.
  • If your loved one recently fell and went to the hospital, you should see us now.
  • If your loved one is receiving rehab services, you should see us now.
  • If there is an issue between siblings about a parent’s care, then you should see us now.
  • If you think your elderly parent is showing signs of memory loss, you should see us now.
Who we Don’t Work With (Generally)

This section is not intended to be mean, rude or harsh. We don’t want to waste your time if we cannot help you or if you are unwilling to be helped.

We don’t assist with legal disputes that require a court appearance right now. If there is a confrontational issue, when can help assist you to resolve it before the point where there is no other choice than a court action. As soon as a court action is filed or needs to be filed, we will refer you to attorneys that can assist with unresolved financial disputes or exploitation, or physical care abuse, exploitation, or neglect. If you need to go to court now, then we can help refer you to other attorney that we trust.

We don’t work with people wanting free advice. Free information is made available to you through our blog, reports, and workshops. Free advice is when you ask questions specific to your situation and you want an answer from an attorney specific to your question. Free advice (or just a quick question) is the same as picking grapes out of the produce department at a grocery store. We are happy to provide pro bono legal services through pre-defined pro bono referral sources.

We don’t work well with people that do not value advice or realize the value of our services. If you want a fill in the blank form or want us to fill in the blanks, then we are not the right law firm for you. We are not the cheapest option out there. We are not a document production service.

Our most successful relationships and results involve clients who want specific education, advice and counsel for their personal financial and family situation. Of course, if you are the type of person that just wants the magic pill to cure you without any fluff and you are willing to pay our normal fees, then we can help.

What to Do if You Think We’re a Good Fit

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