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Legal and Financial Advice for Caregivers and Families

Florida Board Certified Elder Law Attorney Kellen Bryant assists caregivers and families with asset protection planning for long-term care, wills, trusts, and administration of estates in probate court.  Our law firm practice assists families in Northeast Florida and parts of central Florida from our Pasco County, Florida office.  Click the button to contact us for additional information, to ask a question, or to schedule a consultation.


If you are looking for information about estate planning or creating wills and trusts for yourself, then you are in the right place.

Estate planning is not just for the ultra-wealthy. This is a common misconception. It can be for families with assets that could pay beneficiaries out more than $50,000.

We help families in Florida with legal advice relating to:

  • Wills and Living Trusts (“who does what” and “who gets what” when you pass away);
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Finances (“who manages your finances if you’re incapacitated?”);
  • Designation of Healthcare Surrogate and Living Wills (“who makes medical decisions if you can’t… and what are your directions to this person?”); and
  • And more advance planning strategies to assist with avoiding estate fights and unnecessary financial loss.

As discussed in my book, How to Hire the Right Estate Planning Attorney at a Fair Price estate planning in not simply document production or “plug-in” names into forms. Proper estate planning requires an in-depth discussion about you, your family, your assets, and you goals and directions.

Online forms or “simple” wills you find simply won’t cover everyone the same way. A 70 year old in a 2nd marriage and $400,000 in assets has much different needs versus a 35 year old with 2 young kids and potential $1.5 million in life insurance death benefits.

Yes, we work off of templates, but who do you think will have better stuff in their forms… a generalist or an attorney that solely practices in the area of estates?

You don’t know what you don’t know. People go to probate court because of poor or deficient planning. Families fight because of poor or deficient planning. Families fight when you think they’ll do the right thing… even though it would be perfectly legal to do the wrong thing.

There would be as many probate attorneys if everyone planned properly ahead of any sign of illness. Probate court and poor pre-planning is, in fact, more profitable for attorneys than planning ahead. You’re here because you want to plan ahead, properly.

The more information you discover about how to plan your estate, then the better your outcome.

You’re in the right spot if you would rather plan out you wishes rather than save money and leave things to chance.

If you are looking for the cheapest price for a will, then we are not the right law firm for you. A cheap will can produce a very expensive probate court fight.

Thoughtful Estate Planning is Essential for:

Young Families - Who is going to raise your kids if you’re not there? Will your family fight with your spouse’s family over custody? Who will manage the life insurance proceeds for your kids… the court who would then turn control over to your kids when they turn 18 or your family?

Retirees with a Nice Nest Egg… and Your Child Can’t Handle Money - If you have saved for retirement all your career, what would happen if your children were to get ahold of your assets? Could money end up in the hands of your in-laws in divorce court? Could money be taken from them due to an ambulance chaser or bankruptcy? Could the money be used for frivolous items or drugs? Windfalls can sometimes be a curse to some people.

Retirees who Cannot Qualify for Long-Term Care Insurance - There are estate planning techniques that can be used to protect assets from a nursing home spend down. Nursing homes cost $7,500 to $10,000 per month. You can act now to create a plan to protect your assets.

Parents of Adult Children with Special Needs - If you have a child with special needs who cannot work or needs assistance from others for their medical or personal care, then you need to create a special needs trust to prevent loss of government assistance essential for care and well-being.

You have Children from a Prior Marriage - How will your estate be handled if you have a surviving spouse and adult children from another marriage? This is one of the main causes of estate fights. Spouse who needs the assets to live on (because he or she is retired and doesn’t have more money coming in) versus kids from a prior marriage who believes they should inherited everything from their deceased parent. Big issue.

Someone Who Hasn’t Reviewed Existing Plans for More than 5 Years - have you created a will or trust already? Great! Make sure it does not go out of date. The law changes. Your situation changes. Common reasons to update your plan include:

  • Someone name in your plan has passed, divorced, “gone off the deep end”, or moved.
  •  You moved from a different state.
  •  Your relationship with people named in your plan has changed.
  •  Your kids grew up.
  •  You had a financial windfall.
  •  You’re recently widowed.

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