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If you were told you need to get an elder law attorney, then you're in the right place...

An elder law attorney can help in the following situations:

  • You have a loved one in a hospital or rehab facility.
  • You are caring for a spouse or parent at home.
  • You are faced with having to self-pay for a nursing home or assisted living facility.
  • Your loved one needs placement outside of the home.
  • Your family member has been diagnosed with dementia or other long-term illness.

An elder law attorney addresses these common issues that families face and can help sort out legal and financial issues associated with aging.  Such advice can include:

  • How to find the best care.
  • How to pay for the best care.
  • What to do with the house (and what not to do).
  • What to do if your assets or income are too high to receive Medicaid assistance at a nursing home or assisted living (without it, you're left paying $8,000 per month).
  • What to do when the nursing home workers are not doing their job when providing care.
  • What benefits are available to Veterans and how to get them.
  • Who to nominate to be in charge of a loved one's care and money, and how to get past all the red tape when dealing with banks, hospitals, insurance companies, and care facilities.
  • How to avoid probate and other court headache inducing proceedings while avoiding problems with joint accounts.

Elder law developed for middle class families with modest savings. Someone with little assets can receive public services in many cases without assistance from anyone. Wealthier families are more likely to be able to afford $8,000 a month nursing home bills while keeping the health spouse comfortable -- these families are also more likely to have estate planning documents in place to avoid court involvement and other sources of "red tape."

Take a few minutes and watch the video below where are cover the 4 critical elements that need to be addressed by any elder law attorney

This video will teach you the critical items that must be considered in order to protect assets and avoid other headaches relating to long term care. Inside, you will learn:

  • Why all durable power of attorney documents are NOT created equal.
  • How to qualify for public benefits to assist with long-term care even if you think you have too much money or too high income. 
  • Little known VA benefits available for long-term care.
  • How to avoid probate court.

Take a few minutes and be prepared to take notes... In this video, I go over all the important issues that you need to consider if someone told you that you need an elder law attorney, or that you need a durable power of attorney, Medicaid to help with nursing costs, VA benefits, or probate avoidance. I review and correct the misconceptions in this video.

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Legal and Financial Advice for Caregivers and Families

Florida Board Certified Elder Law Attorney Kellen Bryant assists caregivers and families with asset protection planning for long-term care, wills, trusts, and administration of estates in probate court.  Our law firm practice assists families in Northeast Florida and parts of central Florida from our Pasco County, Florida office.  Click the button to contact us for additional information, to ask a question, or to schedule a consultation.